Political party affiliation should be like D&D alignment: you can start with whatever one you like, but if you behave like a different one, you'll eventually change to that. Also, this would give us parties like Repiblican Evil and True Libertarian.
I have the feeling that I can probably make an equation that proves that one of my Actor classes needs to be refactored:

(# of times the Game Mode is referenced * how icky do I feel when I have to open that Actor)/Should I really be working on a new feature instead of endlessly refactoring? > # fucks left to give
Is the Windows AntiMalware Service Executable a joke? I feel like I would be more productive just running Wannacry.
First, some back story on the production of records. They are made of some kind of plastic material: vinyl, shellac, wax, whatever.
A sound wave is frozen in time as a circular groove in the record. This sound wave was produced by musicians and captured by a sound engineer.
The musicians probably sang and played instruments. It took years of practice to develop the skills to produce the music that they wanted to perform.
The instruments and equipment required to generate and store the sound waves were built upon a technological infrastructure that goes back hundreds and thousands of years.
It is easy to imagine yourself as the needle down in the groove, moving through life, reacting to the waves as they arrive, feeling the timbre of the song.
But this is missing the point entirely:

You are not the needle in the groove. You are the song.
I've realized that my school of game design is the "peanut butter in my chocolate" school. Allow me to explain: currently, I'm working on two main projects. One is a board game where I said, "I love deckbuikders. Wouldn't it be cool to do a deck builder that was also a 4x space game?" The other is a computer game where I said, "I like twin stick shooters. Wouldn't it be cool to have one where there were tower defense elements plus a technology unlock meta game?"

I like to put peanut butter in my chocolate.
When using Unreal Engine 4, when you need a custom DataTable, you must first create a Structure (Blueprints > Structure).
Once the Structure has been created, you can add fields. Once the fields are added, you can import a CSV file as the type of custom Structure.
I think I have an impulse control problem. I control them too much.
Why aren't there any French fries in a California Roll?
So, years later: after eating a low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet + nightly walks + weight training 3 times a week, and I'm stable at 185~190 lbs.
I feel much healthier now. I still binge drink at least once a week, which doesn't help with fatigue or cognition. I experimented living without caffeine. That lasted nearly a year. It was good. I'm back on caffeine, and I really feel like it's generally harmful to my well-being. Too bad. I liked coffee.
What if Chuck Tingle is actually a highly functioning AI? Like, relatively speaking.

[Edit] Like, not a very good AI, but relatively autonomous. Can handle a Twitter account and self-publish books but is basically insane.